Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You Polish July box

So for the past couple months I have been ordering the special box You Polish comes out with every month. It normally comes with 2 full size polishes and an extra of some kind. There is also the chance to win a special item or discount. There is a polish that comes in every box and for the second there is a choice between 2. You can add on the second choice as well though.

Lauren definitely outdid herself this time around!  I choose the box with Aqua Mint and Can I Call You Lisbeth?.  I normally get the add on, but this time it was Painting the Roses Red, which I already have. It is a gorgeous color BTW!  It also came with a little nail brush, cuticle oil, 5 cuticle sticks and a tiny hand bath balm. (which is awesome)

Let me tell you. I knew what was coming in the box. I opened it up and immediately knew something was different than I expected. I spent a good amount of time jumping up and down around my house and squealing like a fool before I did anymore than lift the lid of the box it was shipped in. 

I won the necklace! I never win anything, but I won this time! It is absolutely gorgeous too!

Aqua Mint is a very pretty light blue packed with silver glitter of different shapes and sizes.

Can I Call You Lisbeth? is actually based off of the cover of the book The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. It's a lime green with bright orange, black and a darker lime green glitters. Different sizes again, but much smaller.

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