Friday, June 28, 2013

ellagee - So Much Fail For Alexandria

At the insistance of her fans the wonderful ellagee decided to release some polishes that didn't quite turn out how she had invisioned them in a very very very limited amount. It wouldn't have a real name, but she'd put our name on the bottle. This is the very first one and I love it. 

It is a white base with small red and blue glitters in different shapes and sizes, silver stars and some very very fine red glitter. After a couple coats it had a slight pink tint. No problem a white base can't fix!!

I did 2 coats of sinful colors white and 1 coat of So Much Fail. There were tons of silver stars, but I only ended up with 3, without really fishing for them, but I don't mind so much. It is a gorgeous, but subtle patriotic polish!  Perfect for the 4th, or all year round. 

And the name is awesome ;)

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