Sunday, June 16, 2013

ellegee - It's A Gas Gas Gas!

Time for my very first review! I want to start off with one of my absolutely favorite new polishes. It's A Gas Gas Gas! by ellagee.

I bought this as one of ellagee's friday specials, partially because I Iove her polishes and partially because it looked so pretty in pictures. (Gotta love the name too.) 

Pictures do not do this polish justice. I took a ton in all sorts of different locations and different lighting, natural and otherwise and just could not capture it's beauty. Application was great too. 2 coats was perfect. No streaks, perfectly opaque, dried quickly and the consistancy of the polish was the perfect happy medium. Not too thick, not too thin. 

Another perfect 10 from her!


  1. Yay I'm so glad you started a blog and I'm so honored to be your first review, thank you! It looks great <3

  2. I need a place to follow! Get yerself on bloglovin woman!